Mission Statement

Scientific Spirits, a scientific peer reviewed journal of the Distilling Research Grant


Mission Statement

Scientific Spirits is a premier broad-scope scientific journal that will publish rigorously vetted, cutting-edge research that has high translational value to craft distillers. Scientific Spirits aims engage diverse thought leaders to ethically and sustainably improve the quality, originality, and diversity of craft spirits and their markets.

Translational Results

In order to bring practical knowledge to the broad background of the craft distiller audience each scientific article will be followed by a summary of how the data can be readily applied to improve the process of craft distilling.

Foundational Research

Scientific spirits will feature technological advances and resources of broad utility for spirits production.  Topics which will be considered for publication will include the botany of the raw material used to make spirits such as fruit, grains, and vegetables, herbs, and spices. Challenges with entomology, microbiology, and fermentation will also be considered. The physics of filtration, distillation, barrel aging, bottling and labeling are considered fundamental to successful spirit products and thus will be featured in each issue.

Economics and Politics

Scientific Spirits will welcome opinion articles from economists, legal scholars, and political scientists who specialize in the worldwide economy of spirit sales.